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In divorce cases where children are involved, the court will determine legal and physical custody of the children.  Legal custody grants the parent the right to determine medical, educational and religious choices in the childís life. The court may grant legal custody to both parents, or just one.  In addition to legal custody, the child will live with a parent holding the physical custody of the child.  The other parent will usually have visitation rights based on a court-provided, and parties-agreed upon schedule.  It is also possible for both parents to have physical custody of the child, offering their respective homes for half the time.

The court will consider the best interest of the child in granting custody and visitation.  The factors that the court looks to in determining the best interest of the child are the childís age, sex, mental and physical health, parentís mental and physical health, the emotional bond between a parent and child, parentís lifestyle, if there is history of child abuse, childís routine, child preference if old enough, access to quality education, parentís ability and willingness to encourage communication between child and the other parent, and the parentís ability to provide for the child.  The court sometimes orders a Child Custody Evaluation in helping in determine custody issues.
When it comes to child custody issues, the Marzec Law Firm serves as a powerful advocate for your interest in your child during and after a divorce.  Please contact us today to schedule a consultation. 


The Marzec Law Firm, PC is conveniently located in downtown Manhattan, Williamsburg-Brooklyn, Clifton-New Jersey, and Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.  The Firm currently serves clients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California, Florida, and Illinois.  Click here for directions to the New York City office.   

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